· CY-400 automatic cube Cream Candy production line
· CY-98 (Center Filled)Hard Candy Production Line
· CY-98 (Center Filled)Creamy Candy Production Line
· CY-800 Multi-Function Rotary Cutting and Forming Production
· CY-98 lollipop Production Line
· CY-300 Crutch Candy production Line
· CY-250 Cylindrical Creamy Candy Production Line
· CYYB-250 type Irregular lollipop production line
· CYYB-260 Irregular lollipop packing machine
· CY-S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine
· CY-840 Full-Automatic Spherical Lollipop Twist Packing Machine
· CY-98ⅠComputer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-98ⅡComputer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-800 Computer-controlled Multi-Function Pillow-Type Packaging Machine
· CY-280/450A Multi-Function Automatic Packaging Machine
· CY-50 Automatic food forming and cutting machine
· Creamy Candy Flatting Cutting Machine
· Crisp Candy Forming Machine
· CY-800 Multi-function Rotary Cutting and Forming Machine
· CY-340 Multi-function Candy Forming Machine
· CYYB-250/600 Irregular lollipop forming machine
· CY-400 Lollipop Forming Machine
· CY-500 Big Lollipop Forming Machine
· CY-400 Cream Candy Cutting and Forming Machine
· CYYB-250/600 Irregular lollipop forming machine
· CY-260 Extruding machine
· Mixing pot storage tank and cooling plate
· Vacuum Sugar cooking machine
· Electric heating sugar boiler
· Electricity &steam mixing sugar boiler
· mixer
· CY-98 Heat preservation Batch Roller and Rope Sizer
· CY-150 kneading machine
· CY-600 stripe-cutting machine
· CY-6E3 Blending machine/Mixer
· CY-98S White-drawing Machine
· CY-150 peanut crusher
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CY-S800 High-Speed Full-Automatic Double Twist Packing Machine
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         Double-twist packaging candies with a regular shape , such as the ellipse, cylinder, sphere, rectangle and so on.
         ①Easy operation, high efficiency, Less labor of manpower, steady operation, low noise and easy maintain.
         ②With imported high-precision wheel intermittently  cutting and cam drive mechanism in the major parts, all movements are accurate and precise. 
         ③The AC motor is accompanied by a frequency converter that enables stepless speed variation control, with high precision, low consumption of energy and a longer life expectancy . Besides ,the motor can be dynamically adjusted during operation.
         ④Fully automatic PCL computer controller, internationally advanced photoelectric sensor. Photoelectric detection, bidirectional tracking , quick tracking, accurate pattern and effective elimination of any errors in packing.
         ⑤Overload protection, leakage protection and alarm for lack of the film. 
         ⑥Parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, which is smooth and easy to clean.
         ⑦Both single-layer packing film and double-layer packing film can be used, and an automatic hopper can be added to the machine.
Technical parameter:
        Packing speed: 500-600 pieces/Min.
       Candy size (mm):12-32(L), 12-26(W), 6-20(H)
       Packing material: BOPP+CPP, PET+CPP and other different kinds of composite materials
        Machine size (mm):2030*1250*1810(L*W*H)
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